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Fix, updates & add-ons of previous published content

06/06/2024: Faveo set and Wisteria set. Fixed resolution textures that caused visual bugs for some.
                           Manon set. Fixed lighting bug on fridge

14/03/2024: All spiral and lift cc were updated. See this patreon post for more details.

15/09/2023: Fency set. Fixed some texture bug on the curve fences.

18/03/2023CoralineHelios & Soren set. Updated the crib and the changing table to be compatible with Growing Together DLC.

23/02/2023. Attic set. Fixed some weird glitch from the box when zooming out.

11/01/2023. Mozaic set. Fixed tiles platform that was showing wrong swatch.

04/01/2023. SYB Eats mod. Updated for new Galette des rois cake from Birthday 2022 set.

19/09/2022. Millennial set part 1. Fixed the slot pillow in the bed that was broken by High School update.
                         Galileo set. Added a new functional telescope item.

29/07/2022. All the CC Beds had been updated after the Highschool DLC release. Downlaod the full pack with my 18 beds HERE.

11/07/2022. Aframe set & Boulangerie part 1 set. Fixed open single and double doors after footprint being broken by recent patch.

17/06/2022. Millennial set part 3. Fixed a medium LOD that was making the island table to disapear when zooming out.

07/04/2022. Macaron set. Fixed a footprint issue with the barista counter and the game not recognizing it on Cafe lot venue.

06/04/2022. Meow set. Fixed a missing medium/shadow LOD on the dog bed.

03/04/2022. Boho Wedding part 1.Fixed a footprint issue where Sims would walk through the decorated chair.

03/04/2022. Sauna set. Fixed the tuning for some people who couldn’t use the ceiling shower.

02/04/2022. Sleek set. Fixed name of the solid color trim conflicting with the Margaux bowl.

15/03/2022. SYB Eats mod. Updated version with new bakery food available.

15/03/2022. SYB Eats mod. Fixed issue with Catherine sushis edible food that dit not appear properly in restaurant menus.

28/01/2022. Updated description name of all items made between may and june 2021, where I put some colors but it messed with the ingame search engine.
                  Nuage set – Lamina set part 1 Lamina set part 2Teien set – Plexi set – Fluffy set – Solium set – Charlotte set – Designer set – Geek setBougainvilliers setLaura setSauna set –  Ballet set – Imperium set

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10/12/2021. Hortensia set – Fixed a texture on the tree V3.
                         Pluteum set – Fixed a shadow on the horizontal 3 tiles short shelves.

05/10/2021. A la ferme Entrance set – Fixed glitch in animation of the mailbox.

12/08/2021. Imperium set– Updated basin item with new water tags from Cottage Living.
Delphine set – Toilet shadow fixed.

28/07/2021. Updated pool items from Plouf set and water colors from Teien Set after Cottage DLC.
                          Updated skylights, glass floors and domes from Secare set, Acies set, Inquinavi set, Artus set and Crystal set after Cottage DLC.
                          Updated items:ZIP FILE (GOOGLEDRIVE)SEPARATED FILES (SFS)

27/06/2021. Updated slots and tuning of all racks and clothes to fit EA’s new system from Dream Home Decorator DLC.
                          Updated items: SEPARATED FILES (SFS)ZIP FILE (SFS)

14/06/2021. Secare set – Fixed animation on single grid doors (all 3 heights)
19/04/2021. Manon set – Missing dirty texture on sink fixed.

24/03/2021. EA’s bunkbed updates broke all dining/desk and stool chairs. 

09/03/2021. Inquinavi set– Short arch clipping cutout fixed.
09/03/2021. Hortensia set
– Willow tree’s texture fixed.
04/03/2021. Aurore set
– white swatches of 3 and 5 tiles plain window texture fixed..