Aurore set

I made a set with 21 windows and 2 doors until the batch fix for S4S is released and all creators can update their CCs !

I thought this would be fixed earlier, but as I hear that all of you are desesperate to use better windows and doors than the EA’s ones, I figured out how new cutout are made. As I consider this an emergency, this set is released without early access and free for all ☺

  • 6 grid windows, in one or two tiles, for short, medium and tall height.
  • 15 plain windows, from 1 to 5 tiles, for short, medium and tall height.
  • 2 doors, with glass or solid front.
  • 6 swatches for each (solid black, solid white, concrete, darkwood, medium wood, light wood)
  • All low poly
  • All basegame compatible

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      1. Why is it that in the German Sims Community especially, there are so many people who just assume that everyone speaks their language even though the whole post and everything on this website is in English? And I’m saying this as a German myself. I never see this from any other country. Just us Germans rolling in and starting to blab on and on in German without anyone that it was aimed at understanding us. Excuse the long and off-topic reply, it’s just really cringy to me…

  1. OMG YASSSSSS thank you soooooo much! You’re an earth angel I was felt sick everytime I had to use an EA door or window lol. You’re the REAL MVP

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