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Enchanted Dreams kid bedroom cc sims 4

A Sims 4 custom content set

This kid bedroom cc sims 4 includes 29 items:

  • Comfort: Kid bed, toddler bed and crib for infant, with ceiling hanged drape for all heights. There’s also a wicker stroller that can be used as a portable crib and a desk chair.
  • Furnitures: Desk, nighstand, basegame changing table (also included: dresser without the mat)
  • Lighting: Anti-monster night table lamp, floor lamp and ceiling lamp (available for all 3 heights).
  • Functional: Alchemist table for kids, computer, baby playmat (requires Growing Together DLC), Lunchbox for snacks, potty, stuffed rabbit and wicker trashbin.
  • Decor: Crib drape, Ducks toy, kids books and daisies rug.


Unveil the magic with the Enchanted Dreams cc set for The Sims 4. This enchanting collection features 29 new items, each bringing a touch of fairy-tale wonder to your Sims’ kid, toddler, and infant bedrooms and nurseries.

Discover an array of functional pieces that harmoniously blend with the base game, including a changing table, beds for every stage of childhood, desk, computer, toys  and even a functional alchemist table. Spark the imagination of your young Sims as they explore the realms of science and fantasy.

Let your Sims’ children grow and dream in an “Enchanted Dreams” setting that’s as timeless as their imagination. 





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