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Love is in the air - valentine's day item for every day couple, clutter and details

Love sims 4 cc set

A Sims 4 custom content set

This cc sims 4 This set includes 28 new items basegame compatible and maxis match.

  • Comfort: Assorted seatings: Armchair, ottoman, loveseat and sofa. Wooden chair
    Surface: Table (open or folded version), vynil console,
  • Decor: Rack with coats, messy female and male underwear, socks on the floor, thrown t-shirt and pants (will fits the sofas), messy female or male shoes, heart montage photos, post-it, throw blanket, morning tray with croissant, wine bottle & glasses, vinyls shelves.
  • Appliance: Fridge, projector (can be light on or off – but it uses the tuning of candle so text will be “extinguish :D”), drape wall screen, vinyl player,
  • Light: “I love you” simlish neon.


Love is in the air is a set designed in collaboration with Kapands, a French streamer and video creator !

We wanted to make something for the valentine’s day but we don’t really support the commercial approach nor liked the cheesy side of it. Instead we imagined a set around everyday details of a couple living together: cute photo on the fridge, nice tray in the morning with croissant and a flower, messy clothes on the floor that hints about how the evening ended after watching Netflix on the drape screen projector… This set comes with 28 items and variable swatches for all sort of couples, straight, gay, or even single with pets. Because love is all that matters !



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