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Laundry cc sims 4

A Sims 4 custom content set

This cc sims 4 includes 29 items:
Counter, cabinet, sink, counter shelf, counter hamper (basegame or laudry day DLC), column (open or closed), laundry basket, shirt pile, towel pile, ironing board (standing or folded), iron, drying rack (either functional with Laundry Day or decor/basegame with empty/full or folded version), art (in simlish or english, lemon tree, washing product, basket with sheet, washing machine and dryer (functional with Laundry day or basegame/decor version) 


  • 29 new items
  • Everything is lowpoly
  • Includes 9 color swatches (3 wooden and 6 colors)
  • Everything is basegame except the drying rack, hamper and washing/drying machines that are functional with Laundry Day DLC, but they are also included as basegame/decor versions.
  • Art are available in english or simlish version.



Check this page to learn how to install CC or if you encounter any problem with my content. If it doesn’t solve your problem, please join my discord.

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