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Aquarium Set


This set contains various shapes of aquarium tanks and accessories to make a fish museum or just decorate your interiors. Built-in, full wall, floor pond or just put on a surface, you’ll be able to choose from different designs and enjoy the fully animated life of little fishies.


  • Includes 22 items
  • Everything is basegame compatible
  • All aquariums are fully animated but just decor (you can’t choose the fish in it). The only functional one is the square fish bowl.
  • Some items are high polygons, but as they are quite big I was expecting that you won’t put alot of them in your lot. Highest items are: the floor koi pond (13k) and the square built-in tank (10k). The rest of them are more reasonable or low-poly.


Mediafire Pro



Please let me now if you encounter any problem with the links or the content !

If you have fishes with red/purple question marks, it’s possible that you don’t have the right source  file in your basegame. You can fix this by downloading and replacing the aquariums with those ones. 

Alternative custom aquarium

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