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Coraline nursery toddler cc sims 4

A Sims 4 custom content set

This nursery toddler cc sims 4 includes 17 items:
1. Ceiling rattan lamp | 2. Wave wallpaper | 3. Wool jacket baby clothes | 4. Dress baby clothes | 5. Shelves for kid with hanger | 6. Crib or toddler bed  | 7. Mirror | 8. Palm lamp | 9. Rocking horse | 10. Changing mat (dresser standalone included too) | 11. Dollhouse | 12. High chair | 13. Rug | 14. Floor seat shell pillow


This is a new nursery set for both infants and toddlers !  In this one, I included a lot of functional items thanks to the awesome tuning and animation of @Pandasama. Make sure to download her items for mine to be functional !

This bedroom is themed with rattan and wicker objects after I stumbled on a beautiful image on pinterest. It’s actually close to the style of my previous Helios set so you’ll probably be able to mix and match. The rocking horse, the changing table, the high chair, the dollhouse and the crib are all functional ! The floor shell pillow has rotated rigs so sim will seat crossed leg (thanks to @hydrangeachainsaw for this !) and the cupboard is also available as a standalone dresser. Books on the shelves are available in simlish swatches too !


  • Includes 17 new items
  • Everything is basegame compatible
  • Everything is lowpoly and optimized.
  • You’ll need Pandasama’s rockinghorse for horse to be functional ! Pandasama’s Changing table is optional if you want to use the basegame compatible one with TODDLER (not infants!)
  • Ceiling lamp are available for all 3 heights
  • Shelves books have simlish swatches





Don’t forget to get Pandasama’s mod linked on the left !!
18/03/2023: Updated the crib and the changing table to be compatible with Growing Together DLC.
Please join my discord if you encounter any problem with my content.

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