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Helios nursery cc sims 4

A Sims 4 custom content set

This nursery cc sims 4 set includes 24 items:
1. Crib curtain | 2. Rattan crib and separated blanket | 3. Changing mat | 4. Baby body | 5. Baby jumper | 6. Rattan changing table | 7. Rattan storage tower | 8. Baby shoes | 9. Towels pile | 10. Basket | 11. Folded baby bodies | 12. Stroller | 13. Animated mobile | 14. Rattan baby clothes rack | 15. Sunny rug | 16. Wicker chair | 17. Mural wallpaper | 18. Elephant rocking toy


This is a set to make a nursery ! Everything is decor since the baby gameplay in the Sims is super limited. So except the chair and the clothes rack, all items are for decoration purpose only. Although I recommend to use the Updated “Invisible Crib” mod that is compatible with my item, that will allow you to make the default bassinet transparent, and therefor, use the crib and make it functional. 


  • Includes 24 items
  • Everything is basegame compatible
  • You’ll need the Invisible Crib mod to make the Crib functional. Please read instructions HERE.
  • Wallpaper is mural and can be placed one by one so you can choose the placement. (swatch are numbered for easy placing). There will be some thin seams between tiles because of that (especially on the moony one because it’s darker)
  • Polycount is mixed depending on the items. The highest polycount are the stroller (bought & converted – 16k), the curtain (15k), the mobile (b&c- 13k), the blanket (12k) & the elephant (b&c- 10k).





Let me know if you’re having any issue with my content 🙂
[27/06/2021: Updated slots and tuning of rack and clothes to fit new system of EA’s Home decorator DLC]

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