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Veterinary vet clinic cc sims 4

A Sims 4 custom content set

This vet clinic cc sims 4 includes 20 items:
1. Cabinet | 2. Counter | 3. Examination table* | 4. Surgery machine* | 5. Vending machine* | 6. Check-in Podium* | 7. Dog bath | 8. Medecine craft bench | 9. Dog sticker | 10. Cat sticker | 11. Paws sticker (available in wall and floor versions) | 12. Anatomy and breeds frame | 13. Cat tree | 14. Dry food bag (available in simlish version) | 15. Medecine clutter | 16. Pet clinic light sign (available in simlish version) | 17. Treats jars


The new pet clinic set is ready ! With this collection, you’ll be able to build a complete vet clinic with all the items fonctionnal in a prettier style ! All items are available in range of 7 color swatches, with a mix a white and wood, black and wood and 4 pastel color block. The dog bath is standalone thanks to Ravasheen who taught me to make my own tuning !

All the fonctional items requires cats and dogs. I usually make them all available for basegame but since it’s pet oriented, it wouldn’t make any sense to have decor versions. The counters and clutters are all basegame, though.

Last detail is about the surgery machine: some of the older light and animation will remain when in use: that is not something I could change as it is hard coded in the tuning vfx. I decided to release it anyway and hopefully I can one day learn more about coding and fix this, but for now I could not get rid of it… Sorry !


  • Includes 20 new items
  • Most items are basegame compatible EXCEPT the medecine craft bench, the cat tree, the check-in podium, the vending machine, the exam table and the surgery machine which require Cats & Dogs expansion pack. 
  • Everything is lowpoly





Let me know if you have any trouble with my content 🙂

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