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Rideaux curtains cc sims 4

A Sims 4 custom content set

This curtains cc sims 4 includes 65 items. Each model comes in 4 heights (short, medium tall, half) and in 5 different materials (transparent sheer, lace, linen, patterned and velvet) available in 16 color swatches each.
1. Straight curtains | 2. Centered tied curtains  | 3. Draped curtains | 4. Sheer curtains | 5. Lace net curtains | 6. Sophisticated curtain rod | 7. Classic curtain rod


This is a big set with a lot of possibilities to dress your windows with curtains ! I created those with the idea of having the more modularity possible. There are 4 different models (straight, draped (right/left), centered tight and extended), all available in 4 heights (tall, medium, short and half) and in 5 materials (transparent sheer, lace, velvet, linen and patterned) with 16 color swatches. Separately, I made two different modular curtain rods with two different caps. There are in three parts (left, right, middle), so you can place them freely whatever the length of your window.

This set represents 65 items in total, so I had to customize the thumbnails with a color scheme for an easier placing in game. 


  • Includes 65 items
  • Everything is basegame compatible
  • All the curtains are hipoly (13k) – or midpoly depending on how much your consider the limit to be 😁
  • Because each models has 16 color swatches with 1k textures, the .ZIP folder is HEAVY (440mo). Let me know if you’re having trouble with the dowload.
  • I recommend using T.O.O.L. if you want to adjust exactly the lenght of your curtain to your window.






Let me know if you’re having any trouble with my content !

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