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Sleek trim cc sims 4

A Sims 4 custom content set

This trim cc sims 4 set includes 3 items:
1. Solid color halfwall trim (12 swatches) | 2. Wooden halfwall trim (10 swatches) | 3. Stone/marble/concrete halfwall trim (10 swatches)


I wanted to hold this set back until tomorrow to space my creations a little but I’m way too excited to wait. 😁

I’ve been working on this for very long hours, but I’m very proud to present you the very first half wall trim cc ! I offered you the no trim mod a few monthes ago to offset the bulky EA’s trim, but I am now able to make an independant and fully meshed half wall trim.

There are separated 3 items: one wooden trim (10 swatches), one stone/concrete/marble trim (10 swatches) and one with solid colors (12 swatches). They are not overriding, they can still be slotted and they have new detailed textures. 🤩


  • Includes 3 items
  • All items are basegame compatible


/!\ Those are manually cloned files and therefor, experimentals. Please let me know if you encounter any problems with them !


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