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Annie Kid bedroom set

Here is my fifth set in the “Annie” serie: the kid bedroom set ! It’s more for grown kids than for toddlers, as I chose to focus on a study/desk area and a corner reader, which will be appreciated by everyone else in the family ! 😊 But because kids are still kids, you’ll find a super cute polar bear stuffed animal !
Also ladies and gentlemen, the bunk bed is functional ! This is all thanks to Pandasama who’s an awesome modder and allowed me to remesh the frame and recolor the mattress. You’ll need to download her original files for it to works, don’t miss the link !
  • Includes 10 items
  • All basegame compatible
  • Items are optimized: some are low poly, some a bit higher but never more than necessary. Higher items are the bench (19k) and the pillows (14k).
  • The shelf uses wall cutout, so you’ll see the back on the outer wall. You can hide it with a furniture or a tree if it bothers you 🙂
  • Wood and neutral tones swatches.


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