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Galileo kid bedroom cc sims 4

A Sims 4 custom content set

This kid bedroom cc sims 4 includes 24 items:
1. Spaceship bed | 2. Dressing | 3. Cubbi chair | 4. Shelves | 5. Homework | 6. Desk | 7. Chair | 8. Planets mobile (available for all 3 heights) | 9. Moon lamp | 10. Space shuttle toy | 11. Schoolbag (hanged on a chair or on the floor) | 12. Globe | 13. Telescop | 14. Books | 15. Posters | 16. Planet rug | 17. Wallpapers


For those who are following me on twitch/youtube, you’ve seen the work in progress of this new set for a couple of weeks now. I finally finished it and I’m very proud to publish it !

This is a kid space themed bedroom ! It has several super cool features, like the bed’s sheets and blanket are fully animated, the cubby chair is glowing in the dark and the rigs are rotated so the kids can sit on the side.  The planet mobile is spinning, the wall stickers are glowing, the books have simlish swatches… Everything to make the best room we all wished we had when we were little 😋 

Hope you’ll like it ! 


  • Includes 24 new items
  • Everything is basegame compatible
  • Everything is lowpoly
  • Glowing items will light during the night
  • Books have simlish swatches and are bookshelves (containing books)
  • The space shuttle is a functional toy





UPDATE 19/09/2022. Added a new functional telescope item.
Let me know on my discord if you encounter any trouble with my content !

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