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Arnaud bedroom cc sims 4

A Sims 4 custom content set

This bedroom cc sims 4 includes 34 items:
1. Double bed with animated functional bedding| 2. Desk with shelves  | 3. Modular shelves | 4. Modular dressing | 5. Stool | 6. Stools pile | 7. Converse shoebox | 8. Converse sneakers | 9. Nike sneakers | 10. Clothes pile | 11. Pants pile | 12. Wicker basket | 13. Wall hanger | 14. Cap (wall or surface) | 15. Laundry basket (functional for Laundry Day DLC or basegame/decor) | 16. Eastpack Backpack (wall or surface) | 17. Ultimate Ears speaker | 18. Hanged denim pants | 19. Hanged t-shirt | 20. Hanged hoodie (on hanger) | 21. Skateboard (surfacen leaning or wall) | 22. Hanged hoodie (on hook) | 23. Rug | 24. Frames on shelf | 25. Laundry pile


This set was inspired by an Ikea picture. I was seduced by the mix between untidiness and urban design – something perfect for a teenage sim or a single young adult. As promised, the bed is fully functional like the previous one, aswell as the laundry basket (but I added a decor/basegame one for those who don’t have the DLC !).

I had a lot o fun making all the clothes clutter, especially the packpack with many available swatches ! The sneakers are bought photoscanned models though, as you’ll be able to see how realistic they looks… !


  • Includes 34 items
  • Everything is basegame compatible (except for the laundry basket which needs Laundry Day, but a decor/basegame one has been included too)
  • The desk has two versions so you can place the chair either on the right or on the left !
  • The bed and all the clothes are rather hipoly, please use with caution on low specs computers !



Please let me know if you encounter any trouble with my content ! 🙂
[27/06/2021: Updated slots and tuning of rack and clothes to fit new system of EA’s Home decorator DLC]

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