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Magnolia Set

Already 500 ! ♡ ♡ ♡ 
Three weeks ago, I was starting my tumblr to share my custom content for the Sims 4. I’m amazed and humbly touched how fast my followers are growing and how much you’re liking my creations. 

To thank you all for your support, I created this bouquet of Magnolia’s flowers, one of my favorite kind. For once, the bouquet is high polys (some will say medium polys, but for me anything over 1200 is high :p).

  • Meshed completely by hand
  • Bouquet is high poly  (7356 polys // 3505 polys) but the vase is low.
  • 5 flowers swatches, 10 vase swatches
  • Basegame compatible


Merci merci merci ! ♡ 

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