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New Year 2021 Set


I’m a bit early, but this is for you have to have time to set things up ! This set is for celebrating the end of this strange and difficult year, let’s hope 2021 will bring happier events to you all !🎇 I did not only made the numbers necessary for the next year, but all of them so you can use this forever after, or whatever year you play in. I also added an animated flashing “happy new year” light, now that I’ve discovered those were possible. ✨


  • Includes 20 items
  • All items are basegame compatible except the “Happy New Year” which requires Holiday Pack (a free EP from EA that can be downloaded on Origin)
  • The light garland will only blink during ingame night, and during winter (I have no idea what it does if you don’t have Seasons?)
  • Items are optimized: some are low poly, some a bit higher but never more than necessary. Higher items are around 6k polys.
  • Also available in simlish !

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