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Elevare set

This set contains 4 new functional stairs, 3 functional railings, 3 assorted fences and a set or decor railing attached from the ceiling. They come in various style and swatches to offer you flexibility in designing interior, and mostly, even more choice !

  • Includes 16 items
  • All items are basegame compatible
  • They come in numerous swatches mixing metal, concrete, marble and wood
  • Everything is lowpoly.
  • Stairs are not perfect, but very close to it. 



[Edit 30/01/2021]: The shadow seen through visual issue on stairs has been fixed and all links have been updated ! :)]


For those who wants to know why: some parts need vertex paint to work as they should, and tsrw can’t open blender file, and blender can’t export in wso (the format of tsrw). So I need to use Milkshape as a bridge but then I have to export in .obj and obj doesn’t retain vertex paint. I had to make a compromise: I sacrificed the landing so it would actually appears correctly. 

Anyway long story short, it’s actually technically impossible, but my stairs came pretty close to it !

So right now, what are the known issue that I can’t fix:

  • the landing works for 90° angle, texture might not be seamless
  • the landing’s texture is visually stretched on 180° angle stairs
  • there might be some mesh not joining on landing when zooming
  • For the classic stairs, the wall doesn’t always appears when building inside: just recreate new wall around and delete them for them to appears correctly.

I really hope you’ll like them anyway and that they’ll improve your game !

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