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SYB EAT food mod by syboulette for the sims 4 custom content edible food

Syb Eats edible food mod sims 4


This mod will allow you to summon in the box inventory all the custom food I have ever made or will be creating in the future. It works exactly like the “Cake a break” mod by Ravasheen that I used before for the Unicorn Birthday Cake, instead this one only have my custom edible food available and will keep freshness at all time. It will be compatible with other item that will have the same functionality in the future, and I updated the Unicorn Birthday Cake Box with it too.
This is my first mini mod and honestly, all credits go to Ravasheen. Instead of updating hers everytime I made new food, she offered me to help me make my own so I could create more easily edible content. So huge thanks to her and her enormous heart and patience, and yay for what’s coming next !


  • The base item is in the shape of a grocery bag.
  • In live mode, click on the bag to order food, and the item you choosed will be summoned in the inventory of the bag. You can now place the food in the world or let it in the bag for later: it will not decay.
  • Food has to be downloaded separately and are not included in the mod.
  • This mod will need to be updated for any new food created by Syb
  • Other item I made are using the tuning of this mod (so you can have a cake box instead of a bag for example). Those items won’t need to be updated.


Latest version v1.05 


Please join my discord if you encounter any problem with my content.


Update 03/04/2024: Update with maxis match swatch option and to include new edible items for the Bridgerton Wedding set.

Update 10/03/2022: Fixed Last Exception error some people were getting.

Update 15/03/2022: Fixed issue with sushis edible food that dit not appear properly in restaurant menus. Please redownload both sushis and Syb Eats mods !

Update 30/03/2022: Updated for new bakery items available in Boulangerie set part 2

Update 04/01/2023: Updated for new Galette des rois cake from Birthday 2022 set

Custom food available to download

Those are single food only files. 
Please make sure to put those files in the same folder than my other content you might already have downloaded to avoid duplicate !

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