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Coffee Shop Set

Several people asked me if I was planning to do recolors of my Industrial set. Those items were the very first I made, and because I was still groping around, I made only one set of color. I decided to reopen those file to make more recolor and then I ended resmeshing everything with my new skills. And because I really liked the resultat, I added 7 more new items to the collection… !

This set is available on TSR.

ALL items are basegame compatible. This set includes 15 different objects:


  •  Stand Shelf
  • 2 displays (one with glass, one without)
  • Counter display (to put on surface)
  • Trashbin &  trays
  • Ceiling lightbulbs lamp
  • Coffee bag
  • Cardboard bag


  • Coffee Shop neon sign
  • Open neon sign
  • Mug with coffee
  • Roll-top Sugar bowl
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Apron
  • Welcome frame

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