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Tiphaine Set

I made more fences and then completed the set with outdoor furnitures. The tall wood panels are the same I have in my house, I thought the game was missing some nice and simple wood fence to divide and surround area. The second fence is a short lawn edge with small half logs.
For the patio items, I also aimed for something simple with geometric patterns, and added a fully functional brasero where your sims will be able to warm up during their evenings.
  • Includes 15 items
  • All basegame compatible
  • Polycount varies depending on items, but all of them are optimized (meaning I made all LODs so if you play on medium settings, they won’t be a problem). Most are low polycount except: the two blankets, which are med poly (7k) and the guarland is high poly (12k). If you’re using the round fence of the log lawn edge on several occasion , it can quickly become high poly, so careful with that fence if your computer is slow 🙂

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