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Teskwa Winter holiday christmas simlish song cc sims 4


I have been preparing this for a long time, and it’s time to unleash it, even if I’m super nervous to do it: This is a record player with a custom radio station that will play christmas songs IN GAME that I have rewritten and sung in simlish 🙈 The item can only play this station, and your sims can turn it on and off and dance on it. It has simlish written version too. If you’re like me and love to put christmas songs while decorating and preparing for holiday seasons, this item is for you 😁


  • This item is basegame compatible and low poly.
  • It is not an override. This will not replace anything from your basegame content.
  • Although, it uses the retro radio channel as a base. So Sims will react to it as if it was some retro music (they will love it or hate it)
  • You can only have one custom radio channel in your game. So if you already have a mod that adds custom radio chnnaels, you’ll have to choose OR you can follow THIS tutorial to make them compatible. (I cannot do it for you, it’s quite simple if you follow the steps and you only need Sims 4 studio)





Let me know if you encounter any trouble with my content 🙂

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