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Sauna cc sims 4

A Sims 4 custom content set

This sauna cc sims 4 includes 28 items:
1. Bench (2 tiles) | 2. Bench (one tile) | 3. Corner bench | 4. Stones | 5. Basket | 6. Thermometer | 7. Wood pillow | 8. Wall light | 9. Floor mat | 10. Ceiling shower (available for all 3 heights) | 11. Steamroom (requires SPA DAY DLC) | 12. Wood dock platform | 13. Wood dock wallpaper & floor | 14. Seamless tileable glass door (available in all 3 heights) | 15. Seamless tileable window (available in all 3 heights)  | 16. Hanged bathrobe | 17. Towel


This is a new set set to make a sauna ! I’m not a big fan of those rooms IRL because I cannot stand more than 5 minutes in it (😅), but I always thought they did look relaxing, especially when they are srrounded by beautiful landscapes. It includes all build and buy item to create your own space: bench are tileable (they have counter shader so they’ll merge when place side by side), the new platform is not overriding ans completely standalone, the windows are seamless… The stones alone are decor only, but I made a functional sauna if you own Spa Day DLC. I also included some floor mat that will merge with the floor, and the shower is basegame too.

The room is available on the Gallery (EA id: Syboulette)


  • Includes 28 new items
  • Everything is basegame compatible EXCEPT the steamroom (requires SPA DAY)
  • Everything is lowpoly EXCEPT the bathrobe (10k)
  • The door reflection won’t be perfectly seamless as the shader used for it in order to be animated is different than the windows. There are also some darker colors when placed inside on the frame.
  • The floor mat will sometimes create a thin blue line after loading the lot. Just go in buy mod, click and replace and it will disapear.
  • The corner bench has a displaced footprint on purpose so you can place it more easily along platforms (or it would go on the higher step…)




Please let me know if you encounter any trouble with my content 🙂

UPDATE 03/04/2022. Fixed the tuning for some people who couldn’t use the ceiling shower.

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