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Printemps holiday decor trim cc sims 4

A Sims 4 custom content set

This holiday decor trim cc sims 4 includes 8 new decoration for the fences (Seasons DLC required)


This set will give you 8 new options for the Seasons holiday decor trim ! To change them, click on the decoration box part of the Season DLC and choose which part of the house you want to decorate. They are completely functional and not overriding ! This set is made around spring and valentine’s day theme, so you’ll be able to decorate your houses with flowers and love !


  • Includes 8 new decor trims
  • Everything is lowpoly
  • The trims are not overriding and requires SEASONS DLC.
  • Place the decoration box from seasons and click on decorate with your sims in live mode to find the new trims in the menu that will opens !  
  • Tuning is included !


Available on TSR 

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