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Piwi Set Preview

Piwi set

This set is named after my cat, Piwi. It has been inspired by the desire of making pet confortable without compromising the interior decoration of your own space. It offers…
Daguerre Set Preview10

Daguerre Photography Set

This set has been named after Louis Daguerre, a French artist and photographer, recognized for his invention of the daguerreotype process of photography. He became known as one of the…
Marjolaine Set Preview Closet3

Marjolaine Closet

This set complete the ‘Marjolaine Bedroom’ and includes more decorations and closet themed items. It embraces the new eco lifestyle trend by using recycled materials such as pallets and a…
Marjolaine Set Preview Bedroom1

Marjolaine Bedroom

The Marjolaine’s bedroom embraces the new eco lifestyle trend by using recycled materials such as pallets and a boho style to achieve a confortable, stylish and modern decoration. The colors…
Crossfit Set 2 Preview2bis

Crossfit -part 2- set

This set is the next part of the first Crossfit Homegym set, available at TSR. It has more items to complete the crossfit training of your Sim, but also object…
Gabrielle Set Preview6

Gabrielle Closet

This set offers a modular wardrobe closet with 4 different parts that can be used in any order you like. The wardrobe on itself acts like a dresser so your…
Emmanuelle Set Preview1

Emmanuelle LivingRoom

This set has been designed around the emblematic ‘Emmanuelle Armchair’. This rattan chair has become famous after his appearance in the french and sulfurous film of the 70’s with the…
Apolline Set Preview5

Apolline Lounge Corner

The starting point of this set was the record player. I wanted to create a home area that wasn’t particularly a livingroom or a kitchen, but a more cosy and…
Crossfit Set Preview

Crossfit Homegym

This is a set for Sims who wants to train at home with professionnal equipment, or to decorate a city gym with more than just a soccer ball. Whether your…
#Industrial Set Preview

Industrial Coffee Shop

This set contains all the basics for your coffee shop, restaurant, or even retail or kitchen, designed with an industrial style. The main items are available at TSR. Previous Next…

About me

I’m a french art director who loves interior design and always have relied on other CC to decorate and dress my Sims. But now, I want to do my part and try to create the things I imagined and couldn’t find. I aim for objects, builds and decorations in the most realistic style possible according to the game requirement.