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Maya outdoor set

This set had been named after the cartoon bee in tribute for its star item: the beehive. It contains several items to decorate a farm or a rustic house, which among them a beehive and animated bees to enhance the realistic look of the object.

This is available at TSR.

All items are basegame compatible.

The bees are animated ingame and will infinitely twirl and spin around. They have no footprint so they can overlap any items.
I recommend to superimpose on the same square the V1 and V2 animated bees for a more chaotic and realistic effect !

This set contains:
– Beehive
– Animated bees (V1 and V2, they will spin on different axis)
– Outdoor table
– Outdoor chair
– Table cloth
– Vegetable Patch
– Rainboots
– Abandoned wheel with flowers

>> Download full package <<

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