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Little dino kid bedroom cc sims 4

A Sims 4 custom content set

This cc sims 4 includes 30 items:

Build items: Seamless wallpaper with 8 swatches and assorted plain color paint wallpaper
Comfort: Kid bed, toddler bed, desk chair and hanging chair.
Surface: Desk, two dressers and a nightstand
Lighting: Ceiling spot light and anti-monster surface lamp
Functional: Diplodocus toy, big plushy and wicker hamper (requires Laundry day, but also available in decor BGC version).
Plants: Potted plant, succulents and Ivy for the kid bed.
Decor: Leaf rug, Posters, bathrobe and bag hanged, height chart, drawings, pencils, pop up book, slottable bed pillows dragable in live mode (in english or simlish).


  • Includes 30 items
  • Everything is basegame compatible (except the wicker hamper but a decor version is included)
  • Everything is lowpoly 





Check this page to learn how to install CC or if you encounter any problem with my content. If it doesn’t solve your issue, please join my discord.

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