Intro outdoor set

This set contains items to build the entrance of your Sim’s house. Some stone cladding fences of varied height with assorted gates and a rock lawn edge fence to border landscape. You’ll also find a lot of decoration like a functional wall mailbox, numbers plates, lamps, garage doors… It’s in two parts and it’s available on TSR !

  • Includes 14item separated in 2 sets
  • All fences, gates, mailbox… are functionals.
  • Everything is basegame compatible.
  • Low polycount.


This set is available on TSR:

Part 1 (Build mode)

Part 2 (Misc decor)

5 thoughts on “Intro outdoor set”

  1. I have an issue with one of the gates, as when I simply move them (Particularly the electric opening gate one) to see how it would look with my fencing (One from this fence set) on a platform, and it turned the fence invisible except for the posts. It then broke that area, when trying to replace or delete the fence, it acted like it wasn’t there at all, and said “Can’t place on gate”. But I never placed a gate at all. I’m unsure if it’s all gates. But even base-game fences and other CC fences don’t work afterwards. I discovered it’s an area of effect, and not all fences/areas are affected. Such as if I moved to another platform, and had part of it over the prior area, it won’t place on the area the previous platform was, but will on the rest. If I move the platform away from the affected area, fencing is able to be placed. It’s very odd, I’ve never had this issue before. I have no idea what causes it otherwise (I.e. mod conflicts), so I’ll do a test and get back to you on further info. Just wanted to give a heads-up! <3 I adore all your content, and thank you for your hard work and time. <3

    1. Well, just tested it on a separate lot, and there’s not a single issue? It’s very bizarre. Even recreated the platform and same flooring/furn/fences/your fireplace. Still nothing. Went back to the same lot, platform, and area, and no issue whatsoever. So…I guess it was a one-off bug? lol

      1. That’s weird ! 😀 But I did make those gates before the plateform existed so I never testes them with this feature. But plateform seems very buggy so I’m not surprised ! ^_^

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