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Hotel build lot sims 4


As promised, here’s my first build that I’m sharing with you. Several builds from my previous set previews has been asked before but I wasn’t able to provide them because usually, the build I use are just isolated rooms with everything in front of the camera like a movie set, and not an actual lot. So for once,  I took the time to build this lot with 99% of the mods being mine, so I could share everything freely. 

It is a modest build, and it’s probably perfectible. Building, and especially landscaping, is not my strong suit like some very skilled builders I can admire on tumblr  and instagram. You can either download only the tray files here on Patreon if you already have all my cc, or you can add the entire mods folder available on googledrive. It uses only my content, except two items: a pebble floor by Praline and a pool water recolor by SimplyPixeling. I’ll probably make my own someday but for now, I’m using this one 😉

There is also a few unseen items from me that has not been published yet: they are part of upcoming and secret sets for TSR, that will be available at the end of the month. Please, do not comunicate about them as I’m not suppose to talk or share them yet 😉


  • Lot is build on the Journey’s End lot (40×30) on Sulani map. 
  • The lot is composed by a lobby/reception area, 8 bedrooms with bathrooms, an outdoor area with pool, a terrasse restaurant and a kitchen.
  • Place the tray files in My Document > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Tray
  • If you download the Mods folder, make sure to extract the zip file in a folder where all my previous downloaded cc are so you can choose to ignore duplicates and avoid having twice the same items (it can slow down your computer)
  • Use bb.moveobjects before placing the lot
  • Lot hasn’t been playtested so I don’t know if everything is functional, but it should be! (meaning I didn’t over clutter it and respected EA’s placement)


Tray files only


Mods folder with CC and tray included

[Edit 24/03/2021]
✔️ Links had been updated with fixed chairs ! Compatible with last bunk bed update.
The build is also available on the gallery
(EA’s id: #Syboulette)
Please let me know if you encounter any trouble with my content !

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