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Plouf pool cc sims 4

A Sims 4 custom content set

This pool cc sims 4 includes 14 items:
1. Lounge chair beach towel | 2. Floor beach towel | 3. Thrown beach towel | 4. Cushion | 5. Lounge chair | 6. Patio Umbrellas | 7. Pool light | 8. Waterfall fountain | 9. Hammock | 10. Diving board | 11. Pool ladder | 12. Diving platform | 13. Outdoor sofa | 14. Outdoor loveseat | 15. Outdoor chair  | 16. Coffee table | 17. Side table | 18. Unicorn Floater | 19. Mattress floater | 20. Donut floater | 21. 3×4 pool steps | 22. Corner pool steps | 23. 1×4 pool steps | 24. Curly palm trees | 25. Wooden plank pool trim | 26. Stone pavement pool trim | 27. Argyle tiles wallpaper and floor | 28. Diamond tiles wallpaper & floor | 29. Water colors


This set contains 40 new items around the pool area: floaties, pool ladder, diving board and platform, waterfall cascade,  lounge chairs, hammock, beach towels, sofas, chairs, coffee table, side table, new curly palm trees, tiles wallpaper and floor, deco pool steps and…

… finally some descent pool trims ! 😍

As those who follow my creations might understand, those items are unseen in the sims 4 cc community as they are not clonable by either S4S or TSRW. It requires manual overrides of every single instance number which makes it difficult, long and difficult to access. I made only two for now (wood planks and stone pavement), and might consider do more in the future: just give me time to recover 😅

I will also share the build of this awesome contemporary house soon 🙂



  • Includes 43 items
  • Everything is basegame compatible BUT:
    The diving platform will function only if you own Get Together, it will just be decor otherwise
    – The floaties exist in two versions: basegame or Island living. They are both functionals, but the basegame will have a weird warping around the pool when used to relax/sunbathe. They are not overriding each other, but if you own Island Living, you don’t need the basegame ones.
  • The waterfall fountain is animated.
  • Some items will need bb.moveobjects to be placed correctly.
  • Everything is low poly except the hammock (15k), the opened umbrella (12k) and the thrown towel (7k)





Let me know if you encounter any trouble with my content !
[EDIT 28/07/2021. Updated pool items  and water colors after Cottage DLC.]

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