Gabrielle Closet

This set offers a modular wardrobe closet with 4 different parts that can be used in any order you like. The wardrobe on itself acts like a dresser so your Sim can change his outfit, but it also has a rail and shelves with slots so you can hang or put clothes and choose from many different shapes and colors.

For this “Gabrielle” assortment, the colors and style stay neutral to keep a ‘smart’ look. White, grey, beige, taupe and black and casual chic accessorizes will decorate any bedroom atmosphere.

This set is available on TSR.

Exclusive on S4CC

A trench coat and a jacket are available to download !

All items are base game compatible and functionnal.

This set includes:

– Wardrobe (part 1part 2part 3 and part 4)
– Empty hanger
– T-shirt
– Smart dress
– Blazer
– Jumper
– Clothes pile
– Low boots
– Heel shoes
– Handbag
– Box
– Basket

>> Download the full set <<

Beware that those items have high polycount and may add lag into your game (as a comparison, TSR requires 1200 max per tile)

Gabrielle Set Preview Instructions

Please note that when adding clothes, they will appear below the floor level with the head of the hanger showing a little: this is normal. They are made to be hanged on the rail rigs. Just hover close to the rail to clip the clothes into slots.

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