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Euphoria spa cc sims 4

A Sims 4 custom content set

This spa cc sims 4 includes 28 items:
1. Massage bed (basegame compatible as decor, requires SPA DAY to be functional) | 2. Massage chair (requires SPA DAY, but also available as separated basegame chair and stool) | 3. Bamboo sticks | 4. Wall panel shelves (Available in all three heights) | 5. Vegetal wall (Available in all three heights and in 1 or 2 tiles) | 6. Sink (Available in right or left version) | 7. Mirror | 8. Pebbles flooring (cutout through the floor) | 9. Irregular block panel | 10. Illuminated spa sign (also available in simlish version) | 11. Desk chair | 12. Ceiling light bulb (Available for all three heights) | 13. Counter desk (requires Get to work – but also available a basegame desk)


This is a set to make a functional spa with a warm luxurious vibe, mixing wood and six color swatches. All items are basegame compatible except one, but I made a basegame version of it. Although, they will only be functional if you own the SPA DAY gamepack, but without it you’ll still be able to place them and use them as decor nad/or basic chairs.
The wall panels exists for all heights, there’s two sinks with right and left tab, and the massage chair exists as standalone chair and stool too so you have everything modular to build your venue ! 😊


  • Includes 28 new items
  • Everything is basegame compatible except the massage chair (requires Spa Day) and the counter (requires Get To Work). But they are both cloned as basegame objects too (as a chair and as a desk)
  • Everything is lowpoly except the vegetal walls tht are kinda high (11k) and the pebbles floor cutout (5k). 
  • The Spa sign exist is simlish version.





Let me know if you encounter any trouble with my content !

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