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Baepsae bedroom set


This set had been designed to make a room for a teenager who loves Kpop music, and especially the idol boys band “BTS”. You’ll find several objects themed around this style, but there are also some neutral and clean swatches for those who doesn’t want to label the room, or maybe if you want to use it for an adult Sim.
Color palette is made of white, grey, or black, and offers contrast items in light blue, corail pink and sand beige aswell.


  • Includes 21 items separated in 3 sets.
  • Everything is basegame compatible
  • Everything is low poly
  • items are themed around the BTS Kpop band but also have some neutral swatches available.
Let me know if you encounter any problem with the links or the content. Enjoy ! 


Baepsae bedroom set

A Sims 4 custom content set

Includes 21 items:
1. Bed | 2. Pillows | 3. Quilt | 4. Corner desk | 5. Bedside table | 6. Heart plushy | 7. Computer | 8. Desk chair | 9.10. Wall lamp | 11. Mirror | 12.14. BTS Postes | 13. BTS pictures montage | 15. Pen holder | 16. Memo board | 17. Desk organizer | 18. Dresser | 19. Headphone stand | 20. Kokeshi doll | 21. Rug

Baepsae Set Preview list

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