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Pour toujours romantic wedding cc set for The Sims 4

Pour toujours Set

A Sims 4 custom content pack for a romantic wedding

This wedding cc pack includes 27 items:
1. Tree of Love | 2. Carved letters that fits custom slots from the tree of love | 3. Drape wedding arch | 4.Swing sofa | 5. Hanging candle lights | 6. Folded chair | 7. Folding chair | 8. Wedding chair | 9. Rectangle table (3×1) | 10. Rectangle table (2×1) | 11. Round table (1×1)| 12. Round table (2×2) | 13. Microphone |14. Large awning | 15. Gay women couple wedding topper | 16. Hetero couple wedding topper | 17. Gay men couple wedding topper | 18. Wedding cake | 19. Dry flowers bucket | 20. Petals flower alley (1×1) | 21. Petals flower rug (2×2) | 22. Welcome sign | 23. Torch | 24. Animated droping lights | 25. Old piano | 26. Tablemat | 27. Candles

Even if you do not intend to use this set to marry your sims, a lot of them are not wedding cc oriented and can be used for many other occasions !


It all started with me wanting to make something for the ❤️ Valentine’s day ❤️, but I HATE Valentine’s day: I don’t think we need a reason to celebrate love and this celebration is only a distortion organized for people to always buy more stuff. I’ve seen packs with plastic roses and creepy teddy bear. That was not what I wanted to offer.

So my idea was to celebrate love in a deeper way, with a beautiful large tree where the Sims could carve their initials inside a heart. But then it turns out so beautiful that I thought after making promises of forever lasting love by carving their names on the tree , how about making them reel by organizing their wedding around the very same tree ? 

This a set for a romantic setting and/or rustic wedding. After making my tree of love, I thouoght it would be a waste to not make something more of it ! So I started making decorations for the tree, and I ended having a whol pack for organizing a wedding. 

Ps: “Pour toujours” means “forever” in french 😉


  • Includes 27 items
  • Everything is basegame compatible
  • The drape around the branches works as a functional wedding arch.
  • The tree has custom slots for the carved letters. You can rotate them once for them to be perfectly aligned 🙂
  • The wedding cake (decor) has slots for the toppers.
  • The lights hanging from the tree are animated !
  • Some items are converted (like the tree or the piano !). I’m not that good at meshing organic stuff and I wouldn’t be able to make such detailed items in such a short time !
  • For once, the majority of the items from this set are rather high polygon (according to EA specs). If you have a low spec computer, please use with caution.






[UPDATE 02/02/2022: The Cake is now available in an edible version. You’ll need SYB EATS mod to summon it ingame]

Let me know if you have any problem with the link or the content !

I recommend using Severinka’s OMSP for placing items on the tables: they are all meshed to fit EA default heights.

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