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Aurore set

I made a set with 21 windows and 2 doors until the batch fix for S4S is released and all creators can update their CCs !

I thought this would be fixed earlier, but as I hear that all of you are desesperate to use better windows and doors than the EA’s ones, I figured out how new cutout are made. As I consider this an emergency, this set is released without early access and free for all ☺

  • 6 grid windows, in one or two tiles, for short, medium and tall height.
  • 15 plain windows, from 1 to 5 tiles, for short, medium and tall height.
  • 2 doors, with glass or solid front.
  • 6 swatches for each (solid black, solid white, concrete, darkwood, medium wood, light wood)
  • All low poly
  • All basegame compatible


SIMFILESHARE (Unmerged packages)

GOOGLEDRIVE (unmerged packages)

[Edit 04/03/2021: The Medium plain windows in 3 and 5 tiles had a wrong white swatch texture. It’s been fixed and the package and link has been updated.]

If you like this custom content…

… I made an addon for even more doors with this set!

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