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Agnes Bedroom cc sims 4

A Sims 4 custom content set

This bedroom cc sims 4 includes 29 items:
1. Integrated light wall (available for all 3 heights) | 2. Hanged bed (available for all 3 heights and floor version) | 3. Fan thermostat | 4. Branches vase | 5. Sculpture | 6. Mirror | 7. Wall painting | 8. Square rug | 9. Rectangle rug | 10. Shelf closet, drawer and shelves | 11. Clothes rack | 12. Trench coat | 13. Summer dress | 14. T-shirt | 15. Jumper | 16. Pile clothes | 17. Books | 18. High heels shoes


  • Includes 29 items – They are the same packages than the old ones so if you already downloaded them, just delete/replace the old ones. If you have builds with them, they will automatically be replaced.
  • Everything is basegame compatible.
  • Old hipoly version will remain available on my website.
What’s new?
  • Everything is low poly with lighter, reworked textures.
  • The beds are functional and the bedding is animated. No more decor blanket with sims sleeping through.
  • The clothes had been remeshed and retextured.
  • The closet have 11 additional color swatches.
  • The books have additional simlish swatches.
  • The branches and the vase are remeshed and joined.
  • The fan became a functional thermostat (if you have Seasons. If not, it’s just decor)






Check this page to learn how to install CC or if you encounter any problem with my content. If it doesn’t solve your issue, please join my discord.

Download the old and hipoly version

Important Notes

  • This is the first released and hi poly version of the Agnes set. It is not compatible with the new version: you cannot have them both in your game.
  • The fabrics items (clothes, quilt, pillows, blankets, etc.) are high poly (between 8k and 15k) and have HQ textures.
  • The bed is not animated and Sims will clip through decor bedding.
  • I do not recommend downloading this if you don’t have a high performance computer.

>> Download on Simfileshare <<

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