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Petit chef kitchen kid toddler cc sims 4

A Sims 4 custom content set

This kid toddler cc sims 4 includes 21 items:
1. Kitchen toy (animated and functional) | 2. Decor toy fridge | 3. Shelf | 4. Tiny table | 5. Tiny chair | 6. Awning | 7. Plastic teapot | 8. Plastic cup | 9. Wood roller pin| 10. Milk box | 11. Plastic milkshake | 12. Plastic icecream | 13. Plastic donut | 14. Plastic cupcake | 15. Plastic piece of cake | 16. Kitchen box | 17. Apron | 18.19. Serving tray with toys


Petit Chef (means “little chef” in French) is for kids and toddlers. It was created around the animated and functional kitchen toy made by @ravasheen and @pandasama, and as I always wanted to recreate this awesome item, I made a whole set with assorted decor fridge and shelf, tiny sized table and chair, and a big collection of plastic clutter toys to play tea party. Everything comes in very colorful swatches, except one dark swatch for cool goth kid 😎 !


  • Includes 21 items
  • Everything is basegame compatible
  • You’ll need Little Chefs toy kitchen by Ravasheen x Pandasama for the kitchen to be functional
  • The table and chair are very short on purpose, and they have been made for kids. Toddlers will only be able to sit when the chair is not slotted, and adult will have a super weird clipping to their ankle: it was the only way to have it looks realistic without having the knees through the table 🤭 (cf. last picture)
  • All written items have simlish swatches !
  • Everything is low poly except: the two filled tray (they individualy low poly but filled with low poly clutter makes them hi), the kitchen (7k) and the awning (7k)





for the kitchen to be functional !!
Please let me know if you have any trouble with my content 🙂

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