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Sophie minimalist cc sims 4

A Sims 4 custom content set

This bathrrom cc sims 4 includes 14 items:
1. Sofa (left) | 2. Loveseat (right) | 3. Loveseat (left)| 4. Sofa (right) | 5. Cushions | 6. Wall art | 7. Branches room divider 


This is a mini set exclusively for TSR. I was inspired by a picture I stumbled upon on Pinterest and really liked the minimalist atmosphere from it. The sofas are supposed to be attached to the wall, but you can make them magically float ! I added some graphic designed cushions and wall art and a wood branches divider that will bring back organic to those simple shapes.


  • Includes 7 items
  • Everything is basegame compatible
  • Everything is lowpoly


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