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Shopping set

This new set contains 31 items to make a design retail store ! All items are basegame compatible, even if you’ll need the “Get to Work” expansion pack in order to get a functional store. The cash register will also be functional for people with GTW but will show as deco item for people who doesn’t !
The rack and clothes are made with my new technique of clothes slot, and therefor are cross compatible with my Agnes set.
Finally, some pictures from the ad campaign frames have been made in collaboration with @paola.bekerley, a french simstagramer who played the role of model and photographer !
  • The set includes 31 items
  • All items are basegame compatible
  • Some items are high poly (typically, all the fabric items and very detailed object like the metallic jewellery display), but they have all LOD and are optimized.
  • Items have many swatches to go around white/gold, black/gold, blue/terrazzo, pink, terrazzo, white/wood, gold/raw wood.




[27/06/2021: Updated slots and tuning of rack and clothes to fit new system of EA’s Home decorator DLC]

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