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Paradis Set

This set contains 4 new functional stairs, 4 railings and 4 assorted fences. They come in various style and swatches to offer you flexibility in designing interior, and mostly, a better alternative to EA’s stairs.

  • Includes 12 items
  • All items are basegame compatible
  • They come in numerous swatches mixing metal, concrete and wood
  • Everything is lowpoly EXCEPT the Wooden fence that can become high poly if you repeat it on a long lenght !

 They’re not perfect. Because of software limitations, it is not possible at the moment to make absolute perfect stairs, and that’s the reason there is so few options available out there. See further explanations after the download part.


Mediafire PRO

[Edit 30/01/2021]: The shadow seen through visual issue on stairs has been fixed and all links have been updated ! :)]


For those who wants to know why: some parts need vertex paint to work as they should, and tsrw can’t open blender file, and blender can’t export in wso (the format of tsrw). So I need to use Milkshape as a bridge but then I have to export in .obj and obj doesn’t retain vertex paint. I had to make a compromise: I sacrificed the landing so it would actually appears correctly. 

Anyway long story short, it’s actually technically impossible, but my stairs came pretty close to it !

So right now, what are the known issue that I can’t fix:

  • the landing works for 90° angle, texture might not be seamless
  • the landing’s texture is visually stretched on 180° angle stairs
  • there might be some mesh not joining on landing when zooming
  • For the classic stairs, the wall doesn’t always appears when building inside: just recreate new wall around and delete them for them to appears correctly.

I really hope you’ll like them anyway and that they’ll improve your game !

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