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Meow and woof pets cc sims 4

A Sims 4 custom content set

This pets cc sims 4 includes 8 items:
1. Dog house | 2. Automatic food dispenser | 3. Cat tree shelves | 4. Water and food bowl   | 5. Cat bowl | 6. Dog bed | 7. Cat litter | 8. Cat bed 


I made a new set for pets ! Because we are always missing some options for them, especially the automatic food dispenser which is so convenient in game because you don’t have to refill the bowl three times a day… Any bowl will snap to it so you can mix and match. Hope you’ll like it !


  • Includes 8 functional items
  • All items are lowpoly (optimized for any computers)
  • All items requires Cats&Dogs DLC
  • Available in 14 color swatches





Please join my discord if you encounter any problem with my content.
UPDATE 06/04/2022 Fixed a missing medium/shadow LOD on the dog bed.

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