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Louise set

Another windows set to enlarge your choices when building ! This time I chose a french style arched window that was asked a lot from my patrons. They come in different state version and with assorted shutters that you’ll be able to place and move independentely. Hope you’ll like it ! 🙂


  • Includes 18 items merged in one package
  • 9 windows (short, medium and tall height, closed, half opened or wide opened)
  • 6 shutters (short, medium and tall height, right and left for free placement)
  • 3 double doors (short, medium and tall, fully animated and functional)
  • 6 swatches for each (solid black, solid white, concrete, darkwood, medium wood, light wood)
  • All low poly
  • All basegame compatible !
  • All compatible with the last update !!!


Merged package (SFS)

Unmerged packages (Google Drive)

[Edit 04/03/2021: The medium door had weird cutout on misaligned tiles. It is now fixed. Both links has been updated.]

If you like this custom content…

… you can get the matching single tile windows in this set !

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