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Hippocrate medical cc Sims 4

A Sims 4 custom content set

This medical cc sims 4 set includes 50 items:
1. Examination bed (basegame – acts like a lounge chair) | 2. Surgery bed (basegame – acts like a sofa (sims will sit or nap) | 3. Sidetable| 4. Closed privacy curtains  5. Wheelchair (decor – acts like a chair) | 6. Locker| 7. Crutches | 8. IV blood bag stand| 9. Opened Privacy curtain | 10. Surgery lights| 11. Medical carts (two versions) | 12. Privacy screen | 13. Hanged blouse| 14. Medical clutter (6 items) | 15. X-Ray lightbox | 16 – Portable Oxygenator Concentrator | 17- Eyes Chart | 18- Front desk (basegame – acts like a desk) | 19- Desk chair | 20 – Seats bench | 21. Endtable | 22. Extinguisher | 23. Hand sanitizer | 24. Access ramp | 25. Automatic double door | 26. patient room door | 27. Magazine rack | 28. Magazine pile | 29. Emergency sign | 30. Hospital sign | 31. Record holder | 32. Wall handrail | 33. Services sign (separated simlish version included) | 34. Arrow signs | 35. Exit light | 36. Linoleum floor | 37. Ambulance (includes simlish swatches) | 38. Floor plan | 39. X-Ray Machine (GTW) | 40. Chemical analyzer (GTW) | 41. Front Desk (GTW) | 42. Surgical machine (GTW) | 43. Examination bed (GTW)


This set contains everything you’ll need to build an hospital or a private practice ! It includes build items like doors and linoleum floor, and functional and/or decor items to decorate the reception area, the waiting room, the corridors, the patient room and the medical/surgery rooms. 

I also made some recolors of Get to work items: remeshing them would have been too complicated as there are many animations and light effects to them, but at least you can run a functional hospital with more blending items. The examination bed and front desk requires the GTW version to be functional, but I made basegame compatible items so you can still use them even if you don’t have the EP pack.

This is the biggest set I have ever done, but thankfully i was helped by buying a few lowpoly models to earn time and give you even more choice (like the ambulance or the wheelchair!). I hope you’ll like this set and will have the same fun building with it that I had creating it ! 😊


  • Includes 50 items
  • 45 items are basegame compatible and 5 requires Get To Work DLC. The packages are labelled as such (“GTW”), so you can delete them if you don’t want them.
  • The ambulance has integrated simlish swatches, but the service sign simlish version is a separated item. You can choose either version you’d like in your game. The files are easily labelled in game and in folder.
  • Items are optimized: some are low poly, some are higher but never more than necessary. Higher items are the wheel chair (20k), the ambulance (19k), the hanged blouse (14k) and the privacy curtains (12k).



Please let me know if you encounter any trouble with my content ! Thank you !

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