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Delphine bathroom cc sims 4

A Sims 4 custom content set

This bathroom cc sims 4 includes 14 items:
1. Shower walls (1 tile, half tile, diagonal tile) | 2. Functional shower door | 3. Showerhead | 4. Hanged towel | 5. Hanged towel | 6. Sink | 7. Mirror | 8. Toilet | 9. Shelf | 10. Toilet brush with paper rolls | 11. trashbin | 12. Cosmetic products | 13. Wood hexagonal tile wallpaper | 14. Chamfered tiles wallpaper | 15. Wood parquet and hexagonal concrete floors, with transitions pieces | 16. Wooden shower mat


This is a new bathroom set with simple items to furnish a casual yet design washroom. I was inspired by the DIY shower set by @ravasheen and made a similar modular and functional shower with glass walls and a functional door. I also worked to make a floor that I always dreamt of creating: it has 6 different items with full hexagon tiles and full wood parquet, and 4 pieces to draw seamlessly the transition between the two materials. Hope you’ll like it, on my side i’m realising how much I needed simple interior like this so I’m glad I can make those !

Thanks to @simsbydanielle for the fabulous screenshots ! ❤️


  • Includes 23 items
  • Everything is basegame compatible
  • Everything is functional but the trashbin animation has a super weird opening that I couldn’t figure out, sorry !
  • Everything is lowpoly except for the toilet and the towels that are a little higher (6k & 7k)
  • The placing of the floor can be a little tricky. I recommend using the <> keys (or “.” ) to rotate the tiles so you can fit the direction of the wood parquet !!



Let me know if you encounter any issue with my content ! 🙂

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