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In construction cc sims 4

A Sims 4 custom content set

This construction cc sims 4 includes 18 items:
1. Stakes fence | 2. Beam fence | 3. Beam arch door | 4. Beam window opening | 5. Modular decor roofs structure | 6. Pallets pile | 7. Wooden planks pile | 8. Cement bags | 9. Cinder blocks | 10. Cone | 11. Construction permit | 12. caffholding | 13. Cement mixer


This is a set to simulate the “in construction state” of a house or a part of it. Often, I start building something and then I want to start playing even if the house is not finished, or I want to add a new part of the house but my sims don’t have enough money yet. With this set, you’ll be able to figure and roleplay the work in progress state with two fences, window opening, gate and modular decor roofs, aswell as many decor items of a work site.

  • Includes 8 new items
  • Everything is lowpoly and basegame compatible
  • Construction permit sign is available in english and simlish
  • Wooden beam and stakes are in fences category
  • Opening window and door are in gates category



Check this page to learn how to install CC or if you encounter any problem with my content. If it doesn’t solve your issue, please join my discord.

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