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Christmas 2020 Set

Your christmas decorations are here ! This set includes lots of items to prepare your interior for christmas, winterfest or whatever holiday you’ll celebrate in the next few weeks.
I made a recolor of Wondymoon tree, which I think is the best I saw so far, and included 150 custom slots with 8 different decorations for full customization. But if you’re not feeling like decorating yourself and just want a faster build, you can also use the overlaid decorations. The final touch would be the animated  flashing lights garland, for a truly magical evening !

  • Includes 23 items
  • All items are basegame compatible except the garland which requires Holiday Pack (a free EP from EA that can be downloaded on Origin)
  • The firtree is a recolor and will need the original mesh from Wondymoon !
  • The custom slot means that only the decoration will clip to the tree and every other clutter won’t.
  • The light garland will only blink during ingame night.
  • Single decoration are low poly, but adding several might ends with high poly tree. Use with caution ! Higher items are the pillow pile (11k) and the stockings advent calendar (9k).

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