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Catesta Platform set


While diving into the game files to fix the halfwall trim, I found the ressources for the platforms ! This is something I promised before the release of snowy escape and I was so disappointed when S4S updated but was not able to export it. 

And while I decided to work on recolors, I thought: better make it counts. 

And BAM, 132 swatches.

The only thing is that they are overrides, as I wasn’t able to clone them. So if you want to keep EA’s options, you’ll have to pass on them !


  • Includes 6 override items with platform recolors categorized (wood, tiles, concrete&paint, brick, luxury & stone)
  • I couldn’t change the color swatches ingame (or the work for it would have been ridiculously long). But the thumbnail works so look there when choosing your swatch.
  • All texture are seamless, HD with no bulky border.
  • Everything is basegame compatible 🙂



Let me know if you encounter any issue with the links or content !

Get the matching wallpapers !

& the matching foundations !

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