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Capiz windows cc sims 4

A Sims 4 custom content set

This Capiz windows cc sims 4 set includes 14 items:
1. 4×2 Capiz window (open and closed) | 2. 4×1 Capiz window (open & closed) | 3. 3×1 Capiz window panel | 4. 2×1 Capiz window (open & closed) | 5. Ironwork balustrade| 6. Stone cladding foundation | 7. Wooden arch (short and medium wall height) | 8. Cathedral pointy capiz window| 9. Capiz sliding door (single and double door)


This set came from a suggestion from a Patron who was trying to build her ancestral filipino house. She told me all about her family and the pearly capiz material used in place of the glass, because it was translucent and strong enough to resist storms. I was right away charmed by the elegant design of those asian style windows and sliding doors ! It was very different from the usual chinese or japanese style we are use to see. She also insisted on those small openings under the window that would allow her when she was little to reach and look at the street while being safe thanks to the ironwork balustrade. I also added a stone cladding foundation to fit the looks of references I saw.

I hope you will be beguiled as I was and will like this build set for your Sims, perfect for old style asian house or mixed for a more modern aesthetic 🙂 


  • Includes 14 items
  • Everything is basegame compatible
  • The windows and doors are lowpoly, but the balustrade is a bit higher (4k)



Let me know if you encounter any problem with my content ! 🙂

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