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Piwi set

This set is named after my cat, Piwi. It has been inspired by the desire of making pet confortable without compromising the interior decoration of your own space. It offers a variation of colors and materials that will blend in any environment while keeping a trendy and fashionable feeling.

This set is available at TSR.

All items except the armchair requires the Dogs & Cats Expansion.

Disclaimer: This chair had been made to welcome the Piwi Blanket. To that purpose, the footprint had been modified so the small pet would be able to sleep on the blanket, but the consequences are that every Sims will be able to walk through it. For this reason, I recommend to place it against a wall or in a corner so you don’t have anyone ghosting through your chair. The chair is still functionnal and Sims will be able to seat on it, even with the blanket.

This set includes:
– Small pet bed
– Large pet bed
– Armchair
– Bed blanket
– Cat tree
– Litter box
– Food bowl
– Scratching vase

>> Download the Full Set <<

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