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Moving in & out cc sims 4

A Sims 4 custom content set

This moving in & out cc set includes 7 items:
1. Rolled rug | 2. Closed labelled cardboard box | 3. Sold/foresale/for renthouse sign | 4. Broom | 5. Opened labelled cardboard box | 6. Bubblewrap roll | 7. Sack truck


This is a set to figure the moving in or out situation for your sims. With those decor objects, you can simulate a future departure or a recent arrival in your home: because in reality, the moving process takes time and we usually finish unboxing monthes after settling ! 😀


  • Includes 7 items
  • Everything is basegame compatible and decor only
  • Everything is low poly.
Let me know if you encounter any problem with the links or the content. Enjoy ! 

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