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Hanukkah set

This year, an artist from TSR (Remaron), took the initiative of gathering lot of creators from TSR to make a huge collaboration around the christmas theme. On the dedicated discord we created, we ended up with 50+ creators willing to participate, all from different horizons (CAS, furnitures, builders…). We extended this to the “winter holidays” so underrepresented people would also find items for their celebrations. TSR liked it so much that they offered us a dedicated page and a new concept: one week early access for VIP members on a selection of sets.

I did 3 sets for this collab. Two are about Hannukkah, as I literally found nothing about it. One is available today for download, the other is on early access for VIP and will be released next week.

The third set (Flocons) includes windows, winter shutters and snowy decal for your windows, and you’ll recognize the Aurore set which I added new versions: 2×1 and 2×2 windows !

  • Includes 8+7 items for the Hannukkah set, and 12 for the Flocons set. If you already have the aurore set, you can add only the 2×1 and 2×2 windows.
  • Everything is basegame compatible, except the menorah from the dining set which requires the Holiday pack (free on Origin)
  • Everything is lowpoly


Those sets are available on TSR:


TSR Collab dedicated page: here.

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